Slicedburger is the first place of conceptual author cuisine in Slovakia that focuses on healthy fast food. Our ambitious aim is to create the trend of healthy lifestyle in the country and to inspire the raising community of tasty and balanced food lovers. Now we can say it loud "Burgers also can be healthy".  We believe: just one try of our dishes can transform anyone into an admirer of conscious eating. Each detail is essential for us: the origins of products we use, the way oils or flour where processed, the approach for ingredient combination and cooking means and of course the balance of elements, tastes and colors. The long-term experience of the Ingredient founder – a professional dietitian Renáta Šuláková – now also serves the amateurs of author cuisine places. Our ingredient is a quintessence of quality, taste and professionalism. We invite you to get a real pleasure from the meal, as we have already taken care of each of its ingredients.

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